The Wandering Lady Who Would Be A Saint

I see her around town,
The wandering lady.
She’s searching.

Yesterday she was in our neighborhood,
Walking tentatively up our driveways,
Toward our front doors.

Not here, the voice said.
She obediently turned away,
Still searching.

Over and over again,
The message:
Not here.

She was close once,
Finally in the right place,
She thought.

The police came and told her to leave.
She was back the next night.
So were the police.

“I’m looking for the Lord,” she told them.
“He came out of that purple cloud.
“He called me.”

“I’ve got to find him,
“Tell him I’m ready now.
“I’ve given everything away.

“I’ve given everything up.
“I’m nobody now,
“I’m ready now."

“O Lord, can’t you hear me?”

“Not here,” the voice said.
“Not now.”

~ Russ Allison Loar
© All Rights Reserved